Friday, August 14, 2009

Manila sex, drugs corruption: Mad-i Lim mayor

I miss the old Manila when I can go out walking without fear in our city streets. Today 2009, Manila has become a garbage dump, where drug dealers roam around our small neighborhood. I am afraid of our policemen. In my personal view, You can never trust them... Crime in Manila has increased double digits and that in my mind our government sucks..

I am just disgusted with our current Mayor. Mayor Alfredo Lim. I voted for him last elections and have high expectations; however he lost my trust. Sad to say he lost our community too..

I was happy roaming baywalk, he destroyed it! now we have no more place to go to..

I feel guilty.. I could have done something more.. but now we are all stuck!

but on the bright side I thank the current city government for the prostitutes they allow in some areas in Manila. haha I believe for the lack of our Mayor's responsibility; most of us young men do have a livelier sex life.

For those who want to visit manila here are my ideas:

1. Drugs- you can get it anywhere in the streets (when cops do come just name drop mayor lim- and his son- dont forget watch youtube (

just becareful with other agencies..

2. Sex- this is a good way of seeing Manila. Most porn websites do use our city in their sex stories. This is the fastest way to see the motel rooms here.

3. Money making?- if you try to do business then good luck! be prepared... most loss money haha

MANILA, Philippines — Rampant corruption continues because of government’s failure to implement laws that penalize corrupt officials even as it frequently denies access to information sought by public investigations into anomalies in government transactions.

This is the conclusion of the US Department of State in its Country Reports on Human Rights Practices in 2008.

well, thanks to blogging i can voice out my opinions at the same time vent out my emotions..

wish we can go back to the old times.. no bad mayors.. no drugs..